Cowas took to drums at an early age,
influenced by a musical family.
His dad Jehangir plays the trumpet,
mum Jasmine plays saxophone
and sister Simone sings.
He currrently performs in Pune
with a well known jazz band called Silverchops.
Cowas started to learn the drums in 2003
when he was 13 years old,
at the Mercedes-Benz International School in Pune.
He started with a basic instructor,
and soon began teaching himself to play.
For the first two years,
he formed rock bands with his friends.
Soon after that he took up to jazz
(with heavy influences from his parents).
He put together a quartet
for the Pune Jazz Club's anniversary in 2006.
This was the birth of 'The Sidewinders'.
This band played at various prestigious
venues in Pune like Shisha Cafe,
Soul, Not Just Jazz by the Bay,
Jazz Garden and many more.
The highpoint of this band was
an invitation to play at the
Jazz Utsav 2006 in Mumbai and Delhi.
Since then, Cowas has started playing
with many bands in Pune and is now the
official drum teacher at his school.
His influences include Dennis Chambers,
Steve Gadd, Steve Smith, Chick Corea,
Mike Portnoy and several others.

Hear Cowas play
Demo mp3

Contact Cowas
Cellphone: 9423009767


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