The Brown Indian Band led by bassplayer Colin D'Cruz,
features accomplished Indian classical musicians in concert with jazz virtuosos.
Indian classical music can be compared to jazz as both are forms of improvised music.
Indian classical music is linear and uses just one scale (raga)
to improvise within a composition whereas jazz has a much broader palette
for improvisation where multiple scales can be used to improvise through harmonic changes.
Indian classical music however, has some of the world's most complex rhythm structures
and subtle quarter tones that add an exciting new dimension to jazz.
The Brown Indian Band uses the best of both forms of improvisation
to create India's contribution to world music.

From the time the band was formed in 1994, the lineup has included
various combinations of north and south Indian classical musicians
jamming with local as well as international jazz musicians.

The Brown Indian Band has been performing for high profile weddings around the country
besides regular corporate events and music festivals around the world.
The band performs both ambient lounge fusion at corporate events and info-jazz fusion at jazz and world music festivals.

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Ambient lounge fusion
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Indo-jazz concert fusion
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Cellphone: 9657574480

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The Brown Indian Band---Lounge Fusion videoclip

The Brown Indian Band---Concert Fusion videoclip-1

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