Jason started playing tunes from the Church and nursery rhymes on the keyboard since the age of six.
He studied music under Mr. Salazar D’Sa who trained and disciplined him well.
He soon began playing in his Parish Church , Moira, Goa .
Later he did his music grades for Keyboard, Trinity College , London , under the guidance of Ms. Philomena D’Cruz.
In 2006, he was awarded the Hannam Clarke Award for securing the highest marks in the world (beside U.K. )
for his 8th Grade Keyboard exam of Trinity College , London .

Jason was always passionate about his music. During his early teens, he was attracted by a lot of commercial pop music,
but after some years he realized that he was not feeling very good about the music he played then.
Soon he began diverting to other genres like Rock, Western Classical, Gospel, Jazz, Indian Classical, etc.
He loves improvising and being creative on his instrument.
Chick Corea, Michel Camilo, Herbie Hancock, Keith Emerson, Jordan Rudess are some of the Keyboard idols.

Jason is currently in Goa and works as an Audio Engineer.
He also plays solo instrumental music for Hotels and jams along with other bands.
He also has his own professional choir “Divine Voices” that perform for weddings,
anniversaries and feasts both in English and Konkani.

Hear Jason play
Armando's Rhumba mp3
Child is born mp3
Desafinado mp3
Lara's Theme mp3
Just Duet (Duo) mp3
Contact Jason
Cellphone: 9604783883


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