Joe Pereira popularly known as 'Jazzy Joe' has come a long way since he picked up a violin in Goa way back in 1934.
Little Jazzy Joe, all of seven, set out for his first music lessons under the portuguese solfegio system.
Lessons that would see him through show business for the next seventy years and more!
One of the pilars in the foundation of Indian film's music industry
and featured soloist in countless commercial recordings,
today virtuoso saxophonist Jazzy Joe is India's most popular
and accomplished jazz musician. His long and eventful career
has spanned just about every live jazz avenue
from clubs and hotels to concerts and festivals worldwide.
He takes the stage to enthrall audiences with an exuberance
that has to be seen to be believed. Angel AV, Goa's premier record label,
has released Jazzy Joe's self titled album co-produced by Colin D'Cruz and Orlando Fernandes.
The album features Jazzy Joe on tenor/soprano saxohones, clarinet and flute
with George Fernandez on piano, Colin D'Cruz on bass and Lester Godinho on drums.
The album is available online at www.jazzgoa.com

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Cellphone: 9821581717

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