Born into a musical family in Switzerland in 1983,
Kira Intrator grew up to the sound of her jazz violinist father's jam sessions and concerts.
She soon followed her father's lead and throughout her childhood and highschool took up acting,
directing, musicals and private singing and violin lessons from a very young age.
She recorded her first track at the age of 17 on her father's CD called Vinta with a french gypsy (sinti) jazz group
and performed live with them on several occasions in France and at small music festivals.
At the age of 18 she moved to America alone where she pursued her Bachelors degree in Philadephia,
she graduated with a high honors in May 2005 in comparative religious studies and peace and conflict studies.
However throughout her four years in college she continued to pursue her passion of jazz singing,
even taking a semester off to study at the reknowned Berklee College of Jazz in Boston.
Since graduting Kira received the prestigious Watson fellowship award to pursue her studies of singing through travel
(classical Arabic singing in Egypt, Hindustani vocal techniques in Mumbai and Bossa Nova in Brazil).
She will travel for a year through Turkey, Egypt, India and Brazil
with the financial support of the Watson fellowship,
a national award granted to only 50 top students across the United States.

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