Obligato is Goa's first latino band featuring Donna Noronha and Amalia Gomes on vocals,
Joshua Noronha on guitar, Carlos Gonsalves and Cedric Viegas on percussion,
Julius Fernandes on keyboards, Colin D'Cruz on bass and Lester Godinho on drums.
The band's repetoire covers the whole spectrum of latin rhythms like samba, socca, salsa, merengue, songo, etc.
Obligato's music in a nutshell is happy carnival music played live and straight from the heart
as opposed to current trends of sequencing, programming and miming.
Obligato is one of the most sought after acts on the local live music scene in Goa
and have performed some of the biggest events in Goa within six months of being formed.
The band looks forward to becoming Goa's live music ambassadors.

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Tres Deseos mp3
La Parranda mp3
Mambo mp3
Rio Samba mp3
Goa Amchem mp3

Goa Amchem video

Contact Obligato

Cellphone: 9820965565

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