Vasi is a talented young artist from Mumbai, India.
He started playing tabla at the age of seven
under the guidance of Ustad Nawab Ali Khan.
Progressing as if he were born for the tabla,
little Vasi gave his first solo performance
on All India Radio when he was ten,
revealing his amazing talent to the whole country.
Recognising the young pupilís potential, enthusiasm
and motivation for studying classical music,
Guru Nawab Ali Khan took the young Vasi under his wing,
devoting considerable time to special instruction with the hope
of producing the future maestro of tabla music.
Today, Navaz Vasi Ahmed Khan is considered to be
one of the best tabla players in India.
He has accompanied most of India's legendary classical artistes
in their instrumental, vocal, or dance performances
in India and all over the world.
Besides carving a niche for himself in Indian classical music,
Vasi has also eperimented with indo-jazz fusion
with The Brown Indian Band.

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